An essential home safety product

Did you know that there is an essential home safety product that
you ought to own?

Our neighbors at ABC Kids Expo 2010 are the inventors of BabyRescue™, a rapid evacuation device to save your children from harm in the event of an emergency. More often than you can even bear to think about, parents or childcare providers are forced to make the agonizing decision to either toss their young children out of the window of a burning building or risk perishing in the fire. Pet owners suffer the same horrifying dilemma.

Dave Hedequist and Rick Peters met in 1991 as rookie firemen in a Seattle area department. After 40 years of combined service as firemen and paramedics, they conceived the idea after recognizing the need in the field. They founded Safety International in 2009 and launched BabyRescue™ at ABC Kids Expo 2010. Now they have a US Patent on the product, a Trademark on its name, and they are meeting some heavyweights in the kids retail industry who all want to carry their product.

BabyRescue™ is made in America. Spread the word by liking them on FB and following them on Twitter @BabyRescue. You wouldn’t dream of not having a smoke detector, a car seat, or a fire extinguisher, so you shouldn’t be without a BabyRescue™. I will be placing an order. Please consider doing the same.

Rana DiOrio, Founder
Little Pickle Press

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