What is BabyRescue?

BabyRescue is a device that helps you safely evacuate your baby or child in case of a fire or emergency in your home.

Why use a BabyRescue emergency device?

Half of all children killed in fires are under age 5. Fires move quickly, doubling in size every minute. The BabyRescue bag gives you a way to evacuate your child in a safe, secure way. You buy a car seat to protect your child in case of a crash, use this secure way to protect your child from a fire.

How does it work?

You keep the BabyRescue bag in your child’s bedroom. If there’s a fire, you place the child in the strong, durable bag and lower them safely to the ground. It works for babies, children or pets who weigh up to 75 pounds.

Who invented the BabyRescue product?

A 28-year veteran firefighter and paramedic designed the device. As a father of four children, he wanted to make sure everyone has a safe way to save their children from a burning home. Rick has seen too many devastating emergencies that a BabyRescue might have prevented.

How difficult is it to use?

BabyRescue comes packed into a small square bag with a zipper. You keep it in your child’s room. Once you unpack it, you’ll find a durable bag, made with high-quality materials with a breathable mesh section for your child and a 60-foot non-slip grip line to lower it to the ground.

Can it be used more than once?

Yes, at the same fire event. Once it’s been used, we invite you to send it back to us, and we’ll send you a brand new one. We offer a free replacement guarantee for life. Once your kids are grown, you can pass it on to friends and family.