Failure to follow these instructions and safety precautions when using BABYRESCUE™ could result in serious injury or death

BABYRESCUE™ is not intended to replace the traditional, more important safety techniques in fires such as fire drills, emergency exit plans, smoke alarms, and fire extinguishers. BABYRESCUE™ should only be used to lower a baby/child from an upper floor window or balcony to safety when other means of escape are not available.

The BABYRESCUE™ rescue bag is not heat or fire resistant, so you cannot use if you need to lower the baby/child near or through flames.
This device is to be used one time only. After use, contact Safety International for a free replacement.
Do not use for a baby/child that is more than 75 lbs.
The gripline, (safety lowering line) is approximately 60 feet long. Estimate the distance from your location to a safe landing (the ground or where rescue personnel are located) and do not use if you cannot safely lower your baby/child to that safe landing. (Usually 5 stories or less.)

Prepare an escape plan and practice the plan. Store BABYRESCUE™ near the window where it will be used. Your BABYRESCUE™ unit is packaged within an outer nylon pouch. If you open this outer pouch to inspect your BABYRESCUE™ unit, be careful not to uncoil the gripline (safety lowering strap). It is a safe practice to keep this gripline in a ready state for safe, deployment. Do not unwind the gripline. It has been packed and secured for easy deployment. If gripline does become unwound, please re-secure per instructions.

BABYRESCUE™ has been carefully assembled so that it will properly deploy when needed. Do not store in direct sunlight, a damp environment or at elevated temperatures. We recommend replacing an unused BABYRESCUE™ every 10 years to maintain optimum strength and performance.

In the event of a fire, smoke, or another emergency: (1) call 911, (2) bring your baby or child into the room where you need to lower them to safety, and (3) close the door of the room you are in before opening the window. Then do the following:

1. Remove rescue bag from outer nylon pouch.Open rescue bag and place baby/child inside. IMPORTANT: Comply with weight restrictions.
2. Completely close top of bag and fasten safety clip. IMPORTANT: Baby/child could fall out if this is not done.
3. Remove and uncoil the gripline. Make sure gripline is not tangled and is attached to BABYRESCUE™.
4. While holding onto gripline, lower the bag hand over hand from the window/balcony to a safe landing.